I figured someone out there would like the idea of it. As of now I have made the products on sale, sales range from 80% and 90%.

An average shirt is about 18 $USD. Though there isn't a huge selection at the moment.

March 16 / 2012 Update

How is stuff going? Well after what happened on March 5 (Loads of Halo 4 content appeared), there hasn't been much to talk about. Of course there is a little news/new_content on Waypoint, but something I couldn't really make a "complete" video on.

Halo 4 Forge? Well there isn't much to talk about at this stage, with Halo 4 Forge. However 343 has stated it "won't be sad news" and its something that is big in the community and that forge is something they will want to take care of (thats basically what they said). However if you like Forge Reviews on Reach maps, I started up my own little series, if you want to see that.

Alright, well later. Can't wait to make more videos/updates :)

Community Playdate

After many requests, and after so many fans wanting to talk to me, I've decided to set up three community playdates, we will be playing Halo 3. Unleast we all decide to do something else (Reach).
(Halo 3 Custom Games) (All Playdates are 1 hour long, I have just laid out Time Zones, so if it matches your time, it fits)
-Sunday, March 11 - (3 PM - 4PM Central Time Zone) (1 PM - 2PM Pacific Time Zone) (4 PM - 5PM Eastern Time Zone)
-Monday, March 12 - (3 PM - 4PM Central Time Zone) (1 PM - 2PM Pacific Time Zone) (4 PM - 5PM Eastern Time Zone)
-Tuesday, March 13 - (3 PM - 4PM Central Time Zone) (1 PM - 2PM Pacific Time Zone) (4 PM - 5PM Eastern Time Zone)
 I suppose this will be the chance to ask me questions, talk, chill out, or whatever else. Also I will probably not be what you expect I am. It runs on a "First come, first serve" basis. Send a simple message, like "inv" to the gamer-tag of "heavenseven77".

Whatever your cause is, hope to see you there!

March 7 / 2012 Update

How exciting! All this news has just exploded out of no where. Of course, what is better then making some really awesome huge update, to cover all this news. I must say, it is much more fun making updates when I actually wanted to, rather then me feeling like I must (Now I really like to make updates).

For those who are wondering, about that song on this video, then just click download here for the song (.mp3 file).

See ya guys later, there are many new uploads on my channel, since March 4th. More...

Febuary 25 / 2012 Update

Xbox Spring Showcase is right around the corner, many expect and some claim to it already being confirmed. It's basically goes both ways, it kinda is, but it isn't confirmed by who we need it to be comfirmed by.

www.gamebandits.com - Feb 10, 2012 - 7:52 am "The series, however, was thought to be gunning for a 2012 holiday launch. A Finnish magazine is a lot more confident about the release of Halo 4. It dishes that Halo 4 will be made available for display this coming February 29 for the Xbox 360 Spring Showcase in San Francisco. There are Finnish fans who want to know if this is, indeed, for real. One person with the account name @Kaban0ssi tweeted the question to @pelaaja, which is the Twitter account of the Finnish magazine. There are no known responses yet."

Can't wait for this Wednesday, February 29th. 8 Minute Halo 4 Story Vidoc anyone?

Febuary 10 / 2012 Update

Lack of Updates!? If you haven't watched my most recent video, as far as this post goes, you'll see that I rushed it, but also you'll see that there may be something at the Xbox Spring Show. Something Halo 4 related? As far as IGN says, Feb 29th may be the date we get something Halo 4 related.

How are things? I've been needing to study more, stay after school, and I'm getting more homework. I gotta stay on top on School. And as always, if you don't already know me, Chris, School and friends go before any game, machinima, scripting, and all that stuff (that also includes Halo4Follower).

Special Message...? I'd also like to speak my mind for once. None of you know who I really am, I know I seem more like of a community guy, some retarded kid, or a huge Halo fan. Now which ever one you assume I am, well here I'm stating, I'm none of those (I'm a little retarded, but I'm 16... 16 years old=/=kid) I'm almost an adult >.>

Machinimas!? If you don't already know, I am a Machinimator. I've been making Machinima for as long as I can remember playing Halo (From Halo 1 to Reach). But anyways, if you looked at my Machinima channel, you'll notice I have nothing representing my potential. I have a current project (Huge development progressing) in the works, and if you're a Voice Actor, or if you know you're good at acting... with your voice, then give it a try, there are still many roles open.

Thanks for taking a look at my godly business! There's also a good possibilty of a un-usual yet interesting video that may release sometime within the weeks ahead. There may more Halo games in the works, besides Halo 4,5,6!


January 25 / 2012 Update

Long update, eh? Not really sure if people are actually reading these. But ya, I've been having to focus on school alot more, and I can't bring you guys quality updates as I use to, so I am kinda forced to make a repeating background on all my updates, and just slap an image on top of it. I think it's much more efficent then before.

Another thing. Considering 60-70% of my subscribers will go inactive after Halo 4 releases, I plan to do something, community wise. Perhaps at the end of each update, there will be gameplay of a community game night, or even a show off of forge maps. Not sure yet, but ya.

That's it for now. Not sure about the Halo 4 Toys, or when they'll actually be shown to the internet. But we'll have to wait, and see :)